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With the cold coming in, it’s time to ruck up in those winter coats, and come see something that warms you from the inside. Can you think of anything? We’ve got it! Some NEW THEATRE – how about at our 10x10 Scratch Night?

We are beyond excited for next Thursday (7th November) at Mirth Marvel and Maud, where ten new shows will be shared in an incredibly varied evening of physical theatre, new writing, musicals and burlesque. This will be followed by drinks and a social in the gorgeous venue until midnight, which will be a fantastic opportunity to give feedback to all the artists, plus come and say hello to us and have a chat about future opportunities.

Our mission is to support new work and emerging artists, and we would love to have you, your mum, dad, aunty, boyfriend, agent, whoever and more there to give all the love in the world to the creatives behind these thrilling new pieces of work, to support them in their bravery and commitment to this rocky industry and life.

If you’re raring to go, tickets can be purchased here: https://bit.ly/2mu93Pb and here’s a quick rundown of the acts we’ve got in store to wet your appetite even more:

1) Bodkin’s Beans by Scott Younger

A bean-obsessed old man rings up his favourite baked bean company to sing its praises, but also to confess a dark truth.

2) Edward’ Theorem by Jake Abbott

Edward knows everything, except why Hollie smiles. Her recent exploits with the illusive Jamie will lead these friends on a path of exploration and discovery about who they are. Like it or not Edward will find the truth about Hollie, but can she accept it?”

3) Tits and a Top Note by Elize Layton

Opera meets burlesque as we meet a Woman who dazzles defiantly in a reimagined version of Bernstein’s classic ‘Glitter and Be Gay’. Singing and dancing her way to insanity and back, She tries to entertain while grappling to come to terms with the existence she finds herself experiencing.

4) blue lights by Steffi Igbinovia

The play 'blue lights' explores one black boy out of many and his relationship with the blue lights and the police sirens. These are on-going things that he pays attention to without fail due to the negative stigma of crime or gangs that is undeniably attached to him. It is as though the lights and the sirens continue to haunt him just as equivalent to the society's perceptions and even his own Dad.

5) Her Majesty’s Playground by Harriet Catchpole and Hannah Louise Clifford

‘Her Majesty’s Playground’ is visually captivating and an emotionally honest performance about real-life stories of four female ex-prisoners from HM Holloway prison. Audiences are invited to watch these dark and gripping truths unfold by a narrative lead by two witty, overall sexual and charismatic journalists.

6) Bones by Lewis Wood

“Bones” is an exploration of the difference in stigma between mental and physical health, telling the story of a rugby player who breaks his own foot to hide his depression from his teammates.

7) Dysfunctional Guide to Being a Barista by Henry Roadnight and Adam Johnson

Amy Rica is convinced she’s the next West End sensation, but she’s stuck in coffee. After a hilarious series of events, involving infamous health inspector Maureen, she accidentally gets the cafe shut down. She learns gratitude for what she has, and enjoys the moment, instead of wishing her life away.”

8) Heidi by Charlotte Churchill

In a time of desperation and fear, Nazi’s and War-families still matter. Exploring relationships and what it means to be isolated. Heidi goes on a journey of adulthood and as a result, later in the play, get sent to a Lebensborn camp without her consent.

9) City Lights by Sophie Galustian

City Lights is a personal exploration of sexual harassment against the LGBTQ+ community. Based on a true story, Sophie Galustian examines the male gaze from multiple perspectives. Through this she hopes to raise awareness of the constant fear and angst that women of all sexualities live in.

10) Chillin’ with Jesus by Dan Berridge

At the edge of the universe only two people remain. Jesus and Doctor Lazarus. A saviour and a scientist co-existing and trying to find balance and purpose in work and leisure. Friends for a thousand years, however one withholds a secret that will test their age long friendship...

If you haven’t already, we suggest you get clicking to get booking those tickets: https://bit.ly/2mu93Pb and we looking forward to hopefully seeing you there!

With lots of grounding, empowering and creative love,

The Aktualise Team


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