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Script Club!

Hello! We are Aktualise Theatre and we are hosting our fourth Script Reading club on the 29th July – a friendly meeting of actors coming together to read new plays from beginning to end. We’ve been blown away by the interest in our last three readings, that were held at the Lyceum Theatre and have moved to a lovely venue in London Bridge with a larger capacity, so that we can offer more spaces in our readings. To cover the hire costs of the venue there will be a £5 charge for the reading where you will be allocated a part, socialise with other actors/directors and the writers in a three hour session, with snacks provided as well! So often in the industry, you plough all energy and effort into two pages of sides for an audition, and don’t get the opportunity to read a character from start to end, following their journey, or even to read with fellow, invested actors rather than into a phone for a self tape. At Aktualise we saw this and wanted to create more opportunities for collaboration and creativity.


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