Scratch Nights

Aktualise Theatre have produced two successful Scratch Nights, and are looking forward to the next. As part of our mission to support new work and create opportunities, these events are instrumental in giving artists and creatives a platform to test their work and connecting new teams, whilst creating an exciting and eclectic evening for any audience member!

Aktualise Theatre present you with CYBER-SCRATCH. An online scratch showcasing innovative new work, streamed directly to you, 8pm 2nd June…


Due to be LIVE at Poplar Union in 2019, we took the Scratch Night online, resulting in our Cyber-Scratch. The night was filled with a glorious mix of 14 pieces of work, from an array of artists and creators ranging new writing, dance, comedy, cabaret, physical theatre, and more, enjoyed from the comfort of audiences’ homes. We collaborated with over 50 artists and individuals, and it was a joy to see each piece grow into fruition as teams came together and filming took place.


Curious to know what it was all about? You can still watch it! Head to the link below, or visit Poplar Unions YouTube Channel and you can stream the show for free. Watch and listen to some uprising talent that is ready to be discovered: WATCH HERE



Our first Scratch Night at the quirky and vibrant venue of Mirth, Marvel and Maud was a huge success. Featuring ten exciting new plays/cabaret acts/musicals/devised shows, participants received a thrilling reception from the audience, all giving feedback on each piece so artists could use this in future development.

Bodkin’s Beans | Brian: Patric Guntert |Audrey: Maria Cole
Directed by Kamaal Hussain | Written by Scott Younger
Edward’ Theorem | Edward - Max Bayford |
Hollie - Chelsea Sheldon | Written and Directed - Jake Abbott
City Lights | Performed and Written by Sophie Galustian
Produced by Holly Atkinson
Her Majesty’s Playground | Devised, written and performed by
Harriet Catchpole & Hannah Louise.
Tits and a Top NoteCreated and Performed by Elize Layton
Dysfunctional Guide to Being a Barista | Singers - Laura Barnard Henry Roadnight and Adam Johnson |  Written by Henry Roadnight and Adam Johnson
Heidi | Heidi: Siobhan Mary Jane | Erika: Charlie Ayers | Mama: Patrizia Cavaliere | Written/directed by Charlotte Rosa Churchill
Bones | Ed – Bobby Harding | Charlie - Chesney Fawkes-Potter | Will - Kieran Slade | Directed by David Mcnair | Written by Lewis Wood
Prototype | Written and performed by Steph Darcey
Chillin’ with Jesus | Jesus: Zoë Watson | Doctor Lazarus: Jack Hesketh | Directed by Coral Tarran | Written by Dan Berridge